Camp Sertoma

Camp Sertoma of South Carolina represents the joint efforts of an enormous number of people. From the inception of the camp in 1975 to the present time the partnership between South Carolina Sertomans and Clemson University has underscored the tremendous accomplishments that can be achieved when people of good will in civic organizations, academic institutions, business, industry and government join together to create something wonderful for the children of our state.

The Lexington Sertoma Club is a partner in the support, promotion and operation of Camp Sertoma in Clemson, SC. Each year, Lexington Sertoma sponsors campers to attend this great endeavor.



Lexington Sertoma Club

The Lexington, SC Sertoma Club serves a geographic footprint that includes the Lexington, Pelion, and Gilbert, SC communities.

For more information on the club, please contact club president Matt Quinton at


Our Purpose

To meet the needs of communities through volunteer service.


To create communities of change under common leadership and with a common voice that will serve the many in need.


To improve the quality of life today for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support.


Today over 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from some hearing loss. With our technological lifestyle, that number continues to grow. Once hearing loss occurs, it cannot be restored. We can imitate it with hearing devices, but it will never be as clear or concise as it once was. After the hearing is lost it becomes one of the most expensive parts of life to maintain. Some insurance companies will pay for testing or will give discounts on equipment, but many will not pay a dime. Our passion is to create a world where everyone who chooses, can hear us. And our passion will compel us to raise awareness of our cause, educate those willing to understand and support those who need our support. Hearing health needs allies and advocates, educators and healers. Sertoma communities share the common belief that attention paid to hearing health adds quality to lives and communities. 

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